The word 'Holistic' comes from the Greek word ‘holos’ which means whole. The person is seen as a whole being and not just by the physical symptoms or problems. The treatment will keep in mind the client’s lifestyle, medical conditions and emotions.

Holistic Massage enables the person to improve his/her health and re-establish his/her body's natural equilibrium, known as homeostasis. This is achieved by allowing the body to relax and repair itself.

Physically it helps to strengthen the body organs, boosts the blood and lymph circulation, builds resistance against viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms, releases areas of long standing muscular tension and blocked energy. It provides greater flexibility and range of motion to the limbs.


The nervous system is also stimulated, allowing the brain to think, act and feel better. It helps to address the emotional aspects of isolation, loneliness and intimacy, boosting self-esteem and promoting optimism and well-being. The overall aim is to restore the inner strength, emotional balance and self confidence.

The techniques involves unique blends of movements to work at various levels in the muscle tissues. Pressure points and energy balancing therapy are also incorporated. These need to be applied in the correct way in order to achieve the maximum impact.

It is for this reason that massage therapists have to undergo extensive training and deep understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body. An effective massage needs an expert therapist that cannot be bought at the supermarket shelf.


Anybody ... babies and children, teenagers and adults, disabled people, the elderly. And you can choose to have either a full-body massage or just a part body massage.

Massage helps babies to grow stronger by encouraging deep sleep, better feeding and the relief of colic as well as instilling the feeling of security, comfort and reassurance.

In children massage helps to create physical and emotional space for growth as developing bodies can suffer from discomforts such as painful feet or rounding of shoulders.

The disabled and elderly benefit by the toning and relaxing effect of massage. This will help to strengthen the muscles and keep the joints flexible and mobile, enabling them to continually pursue their favourite activities.

Generally, if you can’t sleep, have anxiety, feel stressful, feel confused, unloved, weak or tired, have a busy life, fear of the unknown, have pain due to illness, headaches, sore muscles or feet, painful and stiff joints, back ache, tummy ache, aching legs or any other similar problems or simply love to be pampered ... then holistic massage is for you!