Aromatherapy literally means therapy through aroma or scent. In practice, it uses essential oils extracted only from plants and no other sources. Even though the word "aromatherapy" was new to the west (1928), aromatic substances had been used by the main early civilizations of the world (the Chinese, the Egyptians and the Indians) in their religious, medical and social functions.

The wall paintings of Lascaux caves in France, dating back to 18000 BC, tell us the use of plants in medicine. The interest was rekindled in the 20th Century by the French chemist, Gattafosse who used aromatherapy to treat the wounded soldiers during the first word war. Aromatherapy was continually used by doctors to fumigate hospital wards and sterilize equipments during the 2 world wars.

Before the development of synthetic drug industry, a lot of drugs were discovered from plants. Aspirin was originally derived form the willow tree, Salix. Quinine which is used to treat malaria was originally derived from the bark of Cinchona tree. Even the contraceptive pills was derived from the Mexican yam The famous antibiotic penicillin came from fungus, a type of plant.

Today the interest in aromatherapy is growing very fast. Amongst the reasons are:

  •  it is safe
  •  drug-free
  •  easy to use
  •  a natural way to care for our health
  •  helps to prevent illness
  •  stimulates the natural body resistance

Psychologically it helps to promote a positive mental state. It works on every level to cleanse the body and balance the mind. Its scent has powerful effect on the mind while its chemistry affects the body. Due to its complexity, aromatherapy needs to be used with care, knowledge and experience.


Aromatherapy massage is the most common method of application of essential oils because the skin absorbs essential oil very easily. It triggers the body’s natural healing processes by relaxing the body, relieving the tensions, stimulates and improves the flow of blood and drainage to flush away toxic waste.

It is a holistic therapy that uses essential oils produced naturally by plants and tress. It actively works on emotional and physical improvements to enhance and aid your well being. The essential oils are selected according to individual’s condition and needs. A gentle, relaxing and soothing moves with additional lymphatic drainage and stimulation of acupressure points are incorporated to produce a wonderful aromatic treatment specially designed for you.


Unfortunately, massage treatments are not possible if you have these conditions:

  •  Intoxication either by alcohol or illegal substances or from any medications that cause drowsiness
  •  Contagious or infectious diseases
  •  Fever
  •  Diarrhoea and vomiting
  •  Recently being vaccinated

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